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Lee Chaolan Character Breakdown from Help Me


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Lee has some of the best counterhit tools in the game. It’s where most of his damage comes from, and his entire game plan follows from that.

Of course, if that were all Lee has, there would be no way to get any counterhits. Your opponent has to attack to get counterhit. That’s where Lee’s second strength comes into play: pokes. Lee has a wide variety of pokes for creating space, tracking movement, and chipping away at the opponent until they feel pressured to attack. It’s then that the counterhits come into play.

Once Lee has a life lead, he has some of the best keepout tools in the game to maintain it.

Lee requires good execution for his best tech, but most of these are not essential to winning. You don’t need to master them to try him out. Consistent combo routes do 90–95% as much damage as the staple routes, and there are solid alternatives to Acid Rain for punishers.